Stockholm, Sweden ABSTRACT With the increasing elderly population and longer life expectancies, smart wearable technologies are playing an important role in facilitating caregivers to monitor elderly people remotely. Aifloo’s wristband is one smart wristband which can collect various data, predict activities and detect


Aifloo's strong achievements have been recognised recently. In early September, they were the national winner for Sweden in the category "Best IoT startup" for the Nordic Startup Awards. The following week, EQT Ventures announced an investment of EUR 5.1 million in Aifloo to help them advance their artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling elderly people to live more independently.

We’re a people-powered Swedish health-tech company on a mission. We believe that better, more intelligent tools can help society maintain high-quality care for its ageing population globally, while always maintaining the human touch. Aifloo engaged Veryday to further develop and translate this artificial intelligence (AI) e-care system and its connected product into an intuitive digital tool that enhances giving and receiving quality care in nursing homes and at home. To initiate the 12-week design project we carried out user research, prototyping and implementation support. She mentions Swedish innovation company Aifloo, which has developed an eHealth system to improve the lives of elderly people in need of care based on medical artificial intelligence. Crucially, she adds, digitalisation puts control of treatment and medication into the patient’s hands: A total of four speakers, including a digital health representative of the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), a co-founder of the unique digital health company Aifloo, and a digital health expert from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., took to the stage to address the topic of digital health.

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Stockholm, Sweden. Nectarine came to us with the Swedish name 'Aifloo'; they needed a new name that would translate more easily across the international market, a name that was   Swedish M2M Services Enablers (SMSE) is a joint activity between a number of 2015-04-21: Aifloo, IBaround and BitSim join the Swedish IoT alliance SMSE  Born Global is an accelerator program for ambitious Swedish startups that aspire The Aifloo Smart Wristband is worn by the elderly user and the relatives will  13 Dec 2017 call centre agent, CallDesk and the AI-powered e-health system, Aifloo. line: Ventures Title: Early Stage Partner Office: Stockholm, Sweden  GRAPHIC DESIGNER. SEND ME A MESSAGE. Send. Your message have been sent. LUCIE HERAULT.

Read about Aifloo photos or Aiflooring in 2021 and on Aifloo Ab. Aifloo - "Best IoT startup" in Sweden - joins EIT Digital photo.

Aicap. 14 likes. Aicap invests in start-ups within AI based applications and technologies.

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Sweden's tax authorities and customers' M. COLLAROS'S STOCKHOLM. Michael Collaros,. CEO & co-founder,. Aifloo dollar startups, the Swedish capital.

The startup was recognized in April as one the top 33 most promising tech companies in Sweden by New Technology and Business World. Aifloo is part of the “AI in Health Partners Alliance,” headed by Microsoft.

Aifloo sweden

Conclusions from a study on the Swedish P&C. Insurance on B2C in Sweden, one may identify several different like Länsförsäkringar AB in Aifloo. With the  Noom, previously entitled Aifloo is a Swedish innovation company that develops e-health systems based on unique artificial intelligence, such as smart bracelets   aifloo. Goods and Services: Diagnostic, examination, and monitoring equipment; Patient monitoring sensors and alarm. d.b Swedish Design Since 2006. 11 Dec 2018 Sweden joined the global AI race with a national strategy and early Aifloo) a year ago in an article titled “Robotics and AI Assist in Caring for  As the previous Automating Society report stressed, the Swedish government is Nectarine Health (a company previously called Noomi and Ai-floo) has  27 Dec 2016 By 2045, one-fourth of Sweden's population will be over the age of 65 One such company is Aifloo, which provides an artificial intelligence  3 nov 2015 Swedish Embedded Award delas årligen ut till bästa konstruktioner inom Aifloo Smart Care är nästa generations trygghetssystem för äldre  7 Jul 2017 I already have many members in my alliance for Swedish IoT startups working with machine learning including Ekkono, Watty, Aifloo, CombiQ,  Sweden's most promising tech startups to accelerate digital health and Artificial Intelligence company Aifloo Aifloo: 1.3 MEUR from Länsförsäkringar. 26 Jan 2017 No doubt Sweden is the rising star in Health, leaving Germany and Health, Acarix, Actronika, Aifloo, Alantaya, Aleva Neurotherapeutics,  15 dec 2016 Anders Swedin - IntegriTouch Sweden AB Johan Ullman - Ullman Dynamics Anders Widgren - Aifloo AB, Visolvia AB, Widgren Innovation AB. 23 nov 2015 på Swedish Institute of Computer Science, rådgivare åt startup-bolag.
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Storbråk i Aifloo – grundare anklagar EQT Ventures för “bolagskapning” EQT Ventures Aifloo 23 jul 2018, kl 09:06 F.v: Anders Widgren, medgrundare av Aifloo och Hjalmar Winbladh, partner på EQT Ventures. Aifloo grundades 2015 med visionen att skapa ett modernt omsorgssystem för äldre med hjälp av artificiell intelligens. Bolaget har byggt ett slags uppkopplat armband.

The following week, EQT Ventures announced an investment of €5.1 million in Aifloo … Aifloo has worked closely with EIT Digital's partners at the Stockholm innovation hub for some time, contributing to the IoT platform ACTIVE.
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priset Årets AI-svensk har EQT investerar 50 miljoner i AI-bolaget Aifloo - Omni Ekonomi — Fonden som — tid för börsen, aktier teknik Fonder 

I slutet av april lanserar Aifloo sitt självlärande e-hälsosystem. Produkten har hårdtestats sedan i slutet av förra sommaren, med gott resultat såväl som med överraskningar. McKinsey Sweden We work with Sweden’s leading organizations to build winning global businesses, solve pressing social challenges, and nurture talent. Our clients come to us for an independent, global perspective on their most critical challenges.

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Den 22 november fick innovationsföretaget Aifloo ta emot priset "Årets innovatör" vid ett event i Stockholm. Utmärkelsen syftar till att lyfta fram innovation och 

Ny investerare i bolaget är  Jul 7, 2017 I already have many members in my alliance for Swedish IoT startups working with machine learning including Ekkono, Watty, Aifloo, CombiQ,  Stefan Gullgren, Ambassador of Sweden to Poland. Sweden A Swedish start- up, Noomi (formerly Aifloo), has developed an intelligent wristband which is to  Jarlsgatan 57 A, Stockholm, Sweden. Meet Aifloo, Hövding and Microdata–just three of NOTE's 200-plus customers.